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Where We Came From

Long long ago, in a seemingly far away galaxy, Tech Experts got their start in the technology industry. During the time of Netscape Navigator and dial up connections, when burning CD’s was a form of file sharing and data storage; Tech Experts started their journey. During our 20+ years in the industry, we have seen Y2K come and go, data speeds increase like lightning and cloud storage become “en vogue”.

Tech Experts has supported and tested hundreds of pieces of software along with hardware, peripherals and networks. We have created multimedia projects, custom software pages and can troubleshoot with the best of them.

Tech Experts offer Solutions

We have seen “online business” evolve from just sticking a page or two up on the web, to full automation of customer development, sales and product creation. Despite how far technology has come, gaps still exist among online business tools. This can cause stress and loss of time and money for the business owner, especially the beginner that is just starting out.

Tech Experts is here to educate and help you to identify those gaps and enable the mechanics of your business tools to operate seamlessly. We are here to decrease the chaos and confusion, so you can increase your productivity and success in your part of the online world.
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